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    2004 Group

Current Group Members

Guiling Wang (Lab PI)

Guiling Wang

Faisal Alvee (Ph.D. student)

Faisal Alvee (Ph.D. student)

Extreme Precipitation and Climate Change

Javad Taymoori (Ph.D. student)

Javad Taymoori (Ph.D. student)

Land-Atmosphere Interactions and Drought

Koushan Mohammadi (Ph.D. student)

Koushan Mohammadi (Ph.D. student)

Flash drought, prediction, and impact;
Cold season stream flow dynamics;
machine learning

Makduma Zahan Badhan (Ph.D. student)

Makduma Zahan Badhan (Ph.D. student)

Water, Carbon, and Nitrogen Cycles Modeling;
Deep Learning and Climate Downscaling

Yan Chen (Ph.D. student, Co-advisee)

Yan Chen (Ph.D. student, Co-advisee)

Forest Ecosystem and Drought

Lab Alumni:


--------- Postdoctoral Associates -------

Xiaoming Sun (2017-2019), currently Research Associate at Los Alamos National Lab

Congsheng Fu (2013-2015), currently Professor / Research Scientist at Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology

Miao Yu (2011-2014), currently Professor at Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology

Roop Saini (2012-2014)

Zhenming Ji (2013-2014), currently Associate Professor at Sun Yat-Sen University


-------- Ph.D. Graduates ---------

Yelin Jiang (Ph.D., 2023; Postdoctoral Associate, Columbia University)
Dissertation: Land-atmosphere Interactions and Drought over Tropical South America

Meijian Yang (Ph.D., 2021; Postdoctoral Associate, Cornell University)
Dissertation: Crop Response to Hydrometeorological Variability and Crop Yield Predictions in Ethiopia

Amir Erfanian (Ph.D., 2018; Climate Scientist, McKinsey & Company)
Dissertation: Land-atmosphere interactions and regional climate in West Africa and South America

Kazi Farzan Ahmed (Ph.D., 2016; Research Scientist, AIR Worldwide)
Dissertation: Climate change impact on agricultural land use in West Africa and its Implication on regional climate projection

Dana Parr (Ph.D., 2015; Instructor, Taft School)
Dissertation: Understanding the hydrological impacts of climate variability and climate change based on numerical modeling and observations

Shanshan Sun (Ph.D., 2012; Assistant Professor, Yunnan University):
Dissertation: Investigating the role of terrestrial feedback and oceanic forcing in climate variability

Rui Mei (Ph.D., 2012; Research Analyst, Intercontinental Exchange.):
Dissertation: Land-atmosphere coupling strength over the U.S. during summer: Comparison
among observations, reanalysis data and numerical  models

Clement Alo (Ph.D., 2009; Associate Professor at Montclair State University):
Dissertation: Impact of land use land cover changes and vegetation dynamics on regional and global climate prediction

Dagang Wang (Ph.D., 2007; Professor at Sun Yet-Sen University):
Dissertation: Impact of sub-grid variability of precipitation and canopy water storage on land and atmospheric hydrological processes

Yeonjoo Kim ( Ph.D., 2006; Associate Professor at Yonsei University):
Dissertation: Soil moisture-vegetation-precipitation feedback at the seasonal time scale over North America


-------- M.S. Graduates --------

Tengyu Ding: M.S. (Plan B), 2020

Brandon Holland: M.S. (Plan B), 2019

Aaron Rosenberg: M.S. (Plan B), 2014

Zhitong Fei: M.S. (Plan B), 2014

Joseph Albani: M.S., 2014.
Integrated water resource management

Jeehee Kim: M.S., 2013.
Role of lateral boundary conditions in climate prediction using regional climate models: impact of dynamics vs. physics.

Di Wu: M.S., 2013.
Improving the surface-groundwater interactions in the Community Land Model: Case study in the Blue Nile River Basin.

Farzan Ahmed: M.S., 2011.
Thesis: Bias correction and downscaling of climate model outputs required for impact assessments of climate change in the U.S. Northeast

Rui Mei: M.S., 2008.
Thesis:  Precipitation Follows Logging in the Amazon Basin? Interpretation of the CAM3-CLM3 Results

David Hoover: M.S., 2008.
Thesis: Altered Rainfall due to Climate Change: Modeling the ecological effects on grasslands.

Xiaoming Sun: M.S., 2007.
Thesis: Understanding large-scale biogeography and its relationship to climate

Jeff (Zhe) Zheng: M.S., 2006.
Thesis: Modeling the dynamic root water uptake and its impact on surface hydrological processes


-------- Past visiting scholars --------

Weiguang Liu (September 2018 -- September 2019): Visiting PhD students from the Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology. Research Topic: Vegetation-climate interactions in Asia

Alexander Zhang (July -- August 2017): Visiting Research Assistant from Princeton High School. Research Topic: Modeling and prediction of regional climate and drought analysis

Ying Shi (March 2016 -- January 2017): Visiting scholar from National Climate Center of China Meteorological Administration. Research Topic: Vegetation dynamics and regional climate in Asia

Dagang Wang (March -- June 2016; June -- August, 2017): Visiting scholar from Sun Yat-Sen University. Research Topic: Incorporating remote sensing data into land surface models to improve hydrological estimates.

Di Liu (September 2011 -- September 2012): Visiting Ph.D. student from Hohai University. Research Topic: Land-atmosphere coupling at the sub-seasonal to seasonal time scales over Asia.

Huanghe Gu (September 2010 -- Septemeber 2011): Visiting Ph.D. student from Hohai University. Research topic: Regional climate prediction and hydrological changes over China.

Bing Gao (November 2009 -- June 2010): Visiting Ph.D. student from Tsinghua University. Research Topic: Hydrological modeling in the Yangtze River Basin

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