Science Media

November 2023

Interview with Elaina Hancock from UConn Today on NCA5:

Two UConn Researchers Among NCA5 Authors

September-November 2023

News articles covering our Agricultural Systems paper on crop yield in the Corn Belt:

UConn Today: Heat stress to bring big changes to the U.S. Corn Belt

Seed World Magazine: Post 2050: A  Corn Belt Without Corn


August 2017

News articles covering the Scientific Report paper on drought in the Amazonia:

The Guardian

Deutache Welle

Skeptical Science


August 2022

News articles covering the PNAS paper on drought prediction:

UConn Today: For Advance Drought Warning, Look to the Plants

New York Public Radio: A plant’s glow can predict some droughts weeks in advance

March 2017

News articles covering the Nature Climate Change paper on extreme precipitation:

The Guardian

UConn Today

Science Daily


Phys Org