Areas of Research Interest

  • Global Water Cycle and Hydrological Extremes;
  • Land-Atmosphere Coupling; Ecosystem-Climate Interactions;
  • Regional and Global Climate System Modeling;
  • Ecohydrology; Hydroclimatology;
  • Climate Impact Assessment (water resources, food security, and human health)
  • Land Use Modeling and Prediction;

Current Projects

  • Understanding the decrease of precipitation extremes at high temperatures and its implications (2017-2020, NSF)
  • Climate adaptation and resiliency planning for protection of public drinking water (2016-2017, CIRCA/CT DPH)
  • GAANN: Environmental Engineering at the Forefront of Water Science, Policy, and Education (2015-2018, Department of Education)
  • PIRE: Taming Water in Ethiopia – An Interdisciplinary Approach to Improve Human Security in a Water-Dependent Emerging Region (2015-2020, NSF)

Completed Projects

  • Hydraulic redistribution of water through plant roots – Implications for carbon cycling and energy flux at multiple scales (2012-2016, DOE/Marine Biological Lab.)
  • Dynamic vegetation feedback and regional climate predictions over West Africa (2011-2016, NSF)
  • A pilot project on interactive land use and climate predictions (2011-2015, NSF)
  • Incorporating satellite remote sensing data into hydrological models (2014, NASA/CT Space Grant)
  • Ecological impacts from the interactions of climate change, land use change, and invasive species in New England (2008-2012, USDA-EPA)
  • Soil moisture-vegetation-precipitation feedback over North America: the search for observational evidence (2008-2012, NOAA CPPA)
  • Understanding the dynamic land-atmosphere system: Multiple climate equilibria and climate variability. (2005-2010, NSF)
  • Response of the land climate system to hydrological and radiative forcing. (2003-2007, NASA/Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Impact of dynamic root water uptake and seasonal vegetation variation on surface hydrological processes. (2004-2007, NASA GEWEX)
  • Incorporating satellite observation of precipitation characeteristics into land surface modeling. (2005-2007, NASA ESSF)
  • Role of soil moisture and vegetation feedback in seasonal prediction of precipitation over the Mississippi River Basin. (2003-2007, NOAA GAPP/CPPA)