May 2018

Congratulations to Congsheng Fu! His papers on hydraulic redistribution and its impact on the terrestrial biogeochemical cycles have been published in Global Change Biology (with Zoe Cardon, Marine Biological Labs) and Geophysical Research Letters!

Dr. Wang attended the “Robert Dickinson Symposium on Earth System Modeling: Past, Present and Future” held at the University of Texas-Austin to honor Bob, and talked about “Terrestrial Ecosystem-Climate Interactions in Earth System Modeling: A Regional Perspective”. The symposium was a great success, thanks to the hard work of the organizing committee led by Dr. Zong-Liang Yang! On her way back from Austin, Dr. Wang stopped by Washington DC for the PIRE project annual meeting and also visited Dr. Eugenia Kalnay and gave a talk on terrestrial ecosystem-climate interaction at the University of Maryland. A very productive trip!