January 2022

Several members of our lab presented during this past conference season (AGU in December and AMS in January):

Dr. Meijian Yang presented his work on crop yield changes in Ethiopia as a panelist in the AMS Presidential Session on water security; Mr. Koushan Mohammadi presented his work on flash drought early warning based on remote sensing data (AGU); Dr. Guiling Wang talked about extreme precipitation scaling with temperature in saturated and unsaturated atmosphere and how it changes with climate (AMS); Mr. Yelin Jiang presented his work on S2S land-atmosphere interactions over the tropical South America (AGU), on ecohydrological responses to drought (AMS), and on a new method to initialize soil moisture/temperature in S2S simulations at the CESM workshop that took place immediately after the AMS conference!

And congratulations to Yelin on the publication of his paper “Eco-hydrological responses to recent droughts in tropical South America” in¬†Environmental Research Letters!