June 2016

Guiling and Dagang both attended the Eric Wood Symposium on Hydrology at Princeton University in the beginning of June. While honoring Eric, the symposium was truly a celebration for advances in hydrological sciences in the past four decades. What a great job Siva (and other colleagues on the organizing committee) did putting together this fantastic symposium!


Dagang completed his short-term visit in our group and returned to Sun Yat-Sen University in late June. He will continue to work on the collaborative research he started during his visit. Dagang, keep up the good work!

March 2016

Dr. Ying Shi joined the lab as a visiting scholar from the China Meteorological Administration. Her research in the next one year will focus on vegetation dynamics and climate variability/change in Asia using our regional climate system model.

Dr. Dagang Wang joined the lab as a short-term visiting scholar. Dagang was a former PhD graduate from this group, and currently he holds a faculty position in Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, China. He will be working on land surface modeling and land data assimilation.

Ying and Dagang, Welcome!

December 2015

Our group gave three talks at the AGU Fall Meeting, including one invited and two contributed (by Dr. Wang and Amir Erfanian):

“Projecting Future Land Use Changes in West Africa Driven by Climate and Socioeconomic Factors: Uncertainties and Implications for Adaptation”

“Modeling the Climatic Impact of Land Cover Changes Using a Regional Model: Sensitivity to Experimental Design and Lateral Boundary Conditions”

“Incorporating vegetation feedbacks in regional climate modeling over West Africa”

Dana, Congsheng, and Kazi all gave poster presentations.

September 2015

Dana Parr successfully defended his PhD thesis, and is moving to a postdoc position at UMass-Amherst. Congratulations to Dana!

Dr. Congsheng Fu completed his postdoc appointment in our group, and is joining Dr. Xuhui Lee’s group at Yale University.  We are glad that he will be still close by. Congsheng, come back to visit often!

March 2015

Dr. Wang gave a seminar at University of Virginia on “Modeling the Interactions between Agricultural Land Use and Regional Climate Change: West Africa as a Case Study”.

December 2014

Our group had three talks at the AGU fall meeting (by Dr. Wang and Kazi Ahmed), including two invited and one  contributed:

“Mechanisms Linking Land Use and Regional Climate Changes in West Africa”

“Impact of Vegetation Feedback on Climate Predictions at the Seasonal and Multi-Decadal Time Scales”

“Regional Climate Change Impact on Agricultural Land Use in West Africa”

Dana, Congsheng, Zhenming, and Miao all had poster presentations.

September 2014

Dr. Wang presented a keynote on “Present and future land use land cover changes in North Africa : the Impacts of climate and socioeconomic drivers” for a workshop organized by the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Germany.

June 2014

Dr. Wang gave a talk in the CEE department at Northwestern University on “Understanding the impact of soil moisture on precipitation over the U.S.: Mechanisms and challenges”.

Dr. Miao Yu completed her postdoctoral appointment in our group and is moving back to a faculty position at Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology. Miao spent a very productive three years here and has collaborated with almost everyone in the group. We look forward to future collaborations with her as she further develops her career in China. Miao, we will all miss you!